Trail running with Sole Spikes

[caption id="attachment_553" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Sole Spikes for trail running in all conditions"]Sole Spikes for trail running in all conditions[/caption] Here along northern Utah's Wasatch range we are missing the usual white blanket of snow that covers the trails until April. The conditions are making for some bad skiing, but it's great for trail running. It's easy to find sun exposed trails that are dry as a bone and then turn into a shady canyon and find yourself running on the crusty, hard-pack snow remains of earlier season storms. Yesterday we set out with the dogs for some steep climbs up the ridge towards Francis Peak. Blue skies and warm sunshine made it feel more like a September run than early January. Our two Australian shepherd/border collies led the way on the scent of deer who are still finding plenty of forage at the higher altitudes. The steep, straight-up climbs provided outstanding views of the valley after only a few minutes of running and hiking. Having field tested Sole Spikes and their early prototypes on these same trails in all conditions over the past two years, I've come to love them as much on dry trials as I do on snow and ice. Once you get used to the climbing efficiency gained by not slipping back on steep sections and the confident planting on fast descents, its hard to run any other way. Whatever the weather conditions are on the trails in your area, give Sole Spikes a try. I know you'll like them. Either way, enjoy your trails.

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