Sole Spikes and screw shoes

Goat Head Sole Spikes are not "screw shoes" as you may know them. While inserting screws directly into the soles of your shoes has some big and obvious advantages over awkward strap-on devices for runners, let's look at the differences between Sole Spikes and the small screws that you might get at the home center. First, material. Sole Spikes are made from cold-forged then heat-hardened 410 stainless steel. This process makes them tough, durable and corrosion resistant. Hardware store screws are typically an alloy with aluminum or very soft steel. They round over almost immediately and offer little bite. Second, design. Soles Spikes have a much higher profile than hardware screws which means they dig deeper into snow, ice and mud. Add to that a beefier flange with a serrated underside to keep them from turning out, and a unique head design that provides 28 individual edges, and you have seriously rugged spike. Third, installation ease. Sole Spikes have a specially designed tip that is sharp enough to let you screw them directly into your sole without the need to pre-drill. And the coarse threaded shank will hold your Spikes in place much better than the fine threaded hardware store screws. If you're serious about traction on your winter or trail runs, Sole Spikes will become part of your favorite running gear.  

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