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[caption id="attachment_1123" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Owl Jones takes his role as a blogger seriously!"]Owl Jones takes his role as a blogger seriously![/caption] We recently were introduced to fly fishing humorist/blogger Owl Jones, aka Owl Jones (so far as I can tell) via Twitter. I offered to send him some Sole Spikes™ for review and like any reputable blogger, he said he would not make any promises of a positive review just because we asked him. As always, I was confident that he would be Sole Spikes™ would win him over but I certainly did expect that his review would be so dramatic and overwhelmingly positive. It seems that in his efforts to give his Sole Spikes™ a real workout, he overstepped in the river current and outing nearly turned tragic as he fell off of a rock and started floating downstream. Sole Spikes™ to the rescue! Here are some quotes from his review:
  • "Remember, before you read further: This is We don’t do paid reviews and we don’t pull punches. If something stinks, we’ll tell ya how much. OK, read on…"
  • "And that’s when the Sole Spikes saved my fat butt. My back foot kept sliding until it hit a large, round, equally-as-slick underwater boulder about the size of a basketball. The Sole Spikes dug in and despite the water rushing straight into my leg, held my foot in place."
  • "Had the Sole Spikes not been on that boot, I have no doubt that the rush of water would have pulled me into the flow and deposited me into the 8 ft. deep pool waiting below me."
  • "As for the other things you might be interested in – the spikes go on really easily. Just screw ‘em in."
We are so glad to have helped keep Owl Jones among the living. Read the full review here: Sole Spike? Yes, Please. Follow Owl Jones at his blog and on Twitter @owljones. Thanks Owl!

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