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Last week Scott Christensen of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition was in Goat Head Gear's backyard as he spoke to a crowd of Yellowstone supporters in Salt Lake City. Goat Head was honored to be able to help support the event by making Sole Spikes available to some lucky guests. The Greater Yellowstone Coalition provides leadership to a large base of constituents to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This vast ecosystem includes twenty million acres of wild country that includes Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, parts of six national forests, three national wildlife refuges, and state and private lands in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The area is one of the largest, nearly intact temperate ecosystems left on Earth. The Coalition has been a pioneer in defining and promoting the concept of ecosystem management for more than 28 years and has offices, strategically placed in Bozeman, Mont.; Jackson and Cody, Wyo.; and Idaho Falls, Idaho. Their influence is felt globally as people come from all over the world to witness the unique Yellowstone experience. You can join Goat Head Gear in supporting the GYC by visiting their website at greateryellowstone.org and looking at the ways that you can get involved. Goat Head Sole Spikes are designed to help you explore and experience the beautiful places of the world like Yellowstone. Whether you are looking for traction on snow-packed or mountain trails, or a river friendly alternative to felt for fly fishing traction, take Sole Spikes on your next adventure.  

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Many thanks from all of us at the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. The Sole Spikes were a big hit at our recent event in Salt Lake City. I personally tested them out on a recent fishing expedition in Montana and they worked great. Keep up the good work and thanks again for supporting our efforts to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem!


Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

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