Our First Interview

[caption id="attachment_1146" align="alignright" width="210" caption="Danish Mama interviews Goat Head Gear"]Danish Mama interviews Goat Head Gear[/caption] Goat Head Gear is quickly becoming the toast of the internet.  Well, maybe not the entire internet, but as you can see from our reviews and a quick look at our Twitter mentions, people do like our products as well as our angry goat logo.  We were pleased to be recently invited for an interview with fellow Utah entrepreneur and mom blogger, Kathy Dalton.  Kathy is the creator of some all-natural skin-care products called Little Stinker for moms and babies.  Check them out if you have a baby in the family.  She also blogs as Danish Mama which is where she published our recent interview. In this interview I reveal my Scandinavian heritage as well as my love of Swedish Fish. You also get some insight into the secrets of our success ;) Read all about it here: {Interview} Matthew Brown from Sole Spikes

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