Daniel Walsh's epic two mile Burpee

Daniel Walsh of Primitive Athletic TrainingGoat Head Sole Spikes were not designed for doing a Burpee two miler, because honestly its a pretty small market. Probably a market of one--Daniel Walsh. What is a Burpee two miler? According to Daniel it is defined as: 1. Performing a chin-to-the-ground pushup. 2. Bring both feet together under your torso so that you’re at the bottom of a squat. 3. Jump as far as you can. 4. Dive forward and back down to the pushup position. 5. Repeat for the distance of a mile, or two in this case. (8 laps around a 400m track) This past weekend Daniel completed this epic two miler in 4 hours and thirty-one minutes. Daniel used Goat Head Sole Spikes to gain maximum efficiency in each rep on the rain and pollen slick Georgia track. "The wet grass and mud usually makes for multiple catastrophic falls due to the fact that you’re jumping as far as possible on every rep. However, I had a really good idea to combat this potentially dangerous situation. My wife Ashley is affiliated with a company called Sole Spikes. This company makes screws with a cleated head that you drive into the soles of your shoes. Ashley has used them on some pretty nasty trails and always raves about how great they are. I thought maybe I can borrow some to give me better traction during my long jump landing. The Goat Head spikes worked like a charm! I only fell once, and that was due to my knee buckling on the seventh lap." Who is Daniel Walsh? Daniel owns and runs Primitive Athletic Training based in Winder, GA. He is a multi-sport athlete, collegiate hockey player and fitness expert. His wife Ashley is a competitive ultra-trail runner who has completed several 100 milers. Check out more about Daniel's Burpee two miler and his training programs at http://primitiveathletictraining.com/

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