Updated: Roc The Run goes trail running with Sole Spikes

Goat Head designed Sole Spikes to give runners confident traction on trail or snow without the downsides of bulky strap-on traction devices. You invest a lot in running shoes that give you the feel and performance that is right for you and you shouldn't have to sacrifice that when you need extra traction for snow, ice or trail. So we were excited to see Eric Eagan's reaction from Roc The Run after he took them to the trails in his New Balance MT101s. [caption id="attachment_1241" align="alignleft" width="300"]Roc The Run takes Sole Spikes for a trail run Eric's shoes loaded with Goat Head Sole Spikes[/caption] Says Eric: [quote]"They leave my minimal shoes as they are. Minimal. They add no noticeable weight. They do not restrict my foot movement with any straps or rubber band settings. [Strap-on traction devices] often leave me with a “straight forward” feeling. In other words, if I am going straight I am fine, but tight wavy turns or twists like the one below, they shift or the foot jams in an unsafe position due to longer spikes. The Sole Spikes allow your foot to be natural. It allows you to attack these turns with confidence."[/quote] Goat Head Sole Spikes are engineered, hardened stainless steel spikes that create an integrated traction solution for your favorite performance shoes. Learn more about Sole Spikes for running at solespikes.com. See Eric's full review of Sole Spikes at Roc The Run. UPDATED: Check out Eric's other review here.

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