Open Letter: Happy Customers Mean the World to our Small Company

[caption id="attachment_1439" align="alignright" width="240"]Sole Spikes in their natural setting Sole Spikes in their natural setting[/caption] You know, we post a lot of reviews from folks who have used our product, for the most part they are bloggers who are more than happy to share their views on our product.  Some of them get the product for free and some pay depending on how they feel about free things tainting their views.  In just about every case we have had really amazing reviews and I attribute that to our truly amazing Sole Spikes.  For the most part, I have been the one to make first contact in these cases and ask if they are interested, so sometimes I wonder if people are just being nice when they accept the opportunity.  I am not calling into question the journalistic integrity of those of the blogging world who have reviewed our Sole Spikes and I completely appreciate all of these reviews because they really tell a story about this very new and cool product that we have brought into the world.  In fact, what is great is the number of bloggers who have now become happy customers and continue to be fervent supporters and friends! I will say however that when I get emails from happy customers, I am even more inclined to feel like we have accomplished something good.  I know as a consumer myself that I rarely express how much I like certain products to the companies who create them.  I know it takes an extra special product or experience to warrant writing a company to say thanks.  That is why I am so thankful to those who have taken the time to share their feelings about our product, after they have laid their hard earned money out and taken a chance on us. In the short time we have been selling Sole Spikes, we have had, I think, an unusually high number of positive messages from our customers.  It has been so awesome to hear how someone uses your product to enjoy their favorite outdoor pastimes. It is cool to be a small part of that, to add to their experience in a positive way.  It might even be a greater compliment, when they come back and buy a second or third set of Sole Spikes for their kids, spouses, or their other shoes.  We have had several of our very first customers do just that. One of our first customers was Ashley Walsh, an ultra trail runner and blogger.  I'm not sure how she came across us, but she bought a set of Sole Spikes very early on.  She was quick to write back and say how much they help her on her single track near her home and that her spikes are a must have item.  We have since gone on to "sponsor" her in the very loosest definition of that term and she continues to be an ardent supporter of us and spreads the good word of Sole Spikes frequently. We have had several customers who use Sole Spikes primarily for fishing/wading traction.  Here are a few of their choice quotes:
  • "They've been a lifesaver. And as far as I'm concerned, they are a must-have on the Bitterroot and Upper Madison." - Ehren Wells (I later found out that he has since started a really cool online magazine and is editor for
  • "Sole Spikes are the best I have used" - Jake Williams.  Jake works with his brother running a guide service in Alaska called Reel Fly Adventures.  He has used a lot of different spikes in his career.
  • "I have them on my felt sole shoes and this second set is going on my sons. Looking forward to the added grip! Your product is really important for kids! It makes wading much safer on slick rocks." - A happy repeat customer and his son from Northern California
  • "Well for under $19 and free shipping I almost had nothing to lose.  The new 30 pack was an added bonus and a nice surprise. I used all 30 in a "safety first" pattern and after one use on my local jetty I have to admit I was pretty impressed.  I kind of forgot about them, which is the best type of gear you can have.  Best part is, after a full tide of hopping from rock to rock, virtually no wear!  That shocked me. "  - A very happy and dry customer from New York
  • "I almost drowned from slipping on a wet log and falling in to the river. After that experience I knew I needed to get me some more traction on my boot soles...I’m pretty stoked on the Goat Heads...I feel they may last as long as my boots. The set came with a magnetic socket and were super easy to install. I fished with them for the first time this weekend and oh what a difference." - Jared from Brighton Anglers
After all those nice comments, I am a little amongst yourselves...Let me tell you, I knew we had a great product, but we have even better customers.  Thanks everyone for helping us get out the door!  We are now entering a new phase at Goat Head by going retail stores.  There may come a time when we don't sell our Sole Spikes directly so that our awesome retailers have the maximum advantage.  I would please encourage you to seek out local retailers who sell Sole Spikes and let them know how much you like them by returning for more.  Please support your local specialty shops! Thanks! Matthew, Jeff, and Harry


Owl. I hope that my post doesn’t sound like I am not thankful to bloggers and reviewers. On the contrary. It is thanks to the early support from them that we were able to attract and interest new customers! You particularly have helped get us here with your great blog posts and including us in your podcast! By the way, my bass fishing opportunities didn’t turn out how I wanted so my Zazzy Pops are still waiting to get devoured. Thanks again! MB


When you make a great product and couple it with great customer service and a real passion for actually caring about the people who use it – you get exactly what you guys have built – a company that is crushing it! I was just thinking yesterday as I moved some stuff around in the garage and saw my wading boots that fall trout season is just around the corner. As one of those “bloggers” you mentioned I can promise you that my review and continued love of your product is as real an opinion as it gets. I can’t wait to stalk the rivers of the Southern Blue Ridge again this fall with confidence and a steady step – all thanks to Sole Spikes!

Owl Jones

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