Day 6 - Goat Head Gear Shows Up In Tackle Trade World

We had a particularly encouraging time at this past summer's International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Reno, NV. We made some great new relationships and many more great possibilities.  One cool thing was having our photos taken by members of the trade press.  About 6 weeks after the show, we started getting calls from shops saying they were interested in carrying our Sole Spikes after seeing our coverage in Tackle Trade World. I thought to myself, "what coverage in Tackle Trade World?" [caption id="" align="alignright" width="250"]Sorry to wake you mate, could we get a photo? Sorry to wake you mate, could we get a photo?[/caption] I immediately went online to find a cool little write up and my first published interview. The only thing about it was, I think they would have been hard pressed to find a less flattering photo of me.  Every time I see it I still crack up.  I look like I was just woken from cat nap and asked to name the US presidents in reverse alphabetical order at gun point.  Seriously though, I am super thankful for the coverage as it introduced us to several new shops that we may not have covered before.  Thanks for the write up guys!  Cheers! Here is the full article: Sole-spike company launches into market

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