Day 11: Fly Fishing Frenzy Digs Sole Spikes

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="250"]Frenzy's cute little assistant and Sole Spikes Frenzy's cute little assistant and Sole Spikes[/caption] Seriously, who doesn't love the Fly Fishing Frenzy and the anglers behind it, Aaron "Chubbs" Peterson and Brent "Big Hoss" Ramey? Well the Chubbs half of this fearless fly fishing duo offered up a great review of our Sole Spikes.  Perhaps the most awesome part of this review is the photo of Aaron in the midst of a massive slipping wipe out on the boardwalk in Jackson Hole, but really it only gets better from there. [quote style="boxed"] Goat Head Sole Spikes transform your wading boats into traction machines... Join the Sole Spike revolution[/quote] Read the full review here: Wade Protected: Goat Head Sole Spikes!  Thanks Aaron!

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