Day 12: Trail Runner Nation - The verdict is in!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200"]Trail Runner Nation Trail Runner Nation[/caption] I felt like this review warranted it's own post, not just an update of the earlier one.  This is a unique review to, in that it is done quasi-podcast style as an interview with Don interviews Jeremy Haddock a resident of Logan, UT about his experiences testing Sole Spikes in the tough early winter conditions found in the Wasatch Mountains.  The review takes into account previous experience with other traction devices such as run-of-the-mill, hardware store sheet metal screws, Yaktrax, and Sole Spikes. I don't want to play the spoiler here, but just take a guess at who comes out on top.  TRN uses an interesting rating scale of 27 kokopellis.  Thanks for taking the time to put together an insightful review Jeremy! If you are running trails or just needing traction for your winter runs, give this review a listen. I think you'll become a believer in Sole Spikes. Listen to the full review here:Sole Spikes from Goat Head Gear - Trail Runner Nation

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