Day 13: Sole Spikes Save the Day

Well, I know I said I would only post 12 reviews, but I thought I'd better make it a baker's dozen, plus I couldn't resist posting this great little review I found on Facebook, posted by Tim Emery.  Tim is a competitive fly fisherman who recently competed in the US Fly Fishing National Championships in Oregon.  Here is his awesome post: [quote style="boxed"]At the Fly Fishing National Championships in Bend, OR. I got to the Crooked River for my last beat and took a look at the rock and didn't think they looked very slick. Before starting fishing I decided to scout the river, I took 4 steps in and realized it was slick as s@%t. I had 10 minutes until I started fishing. I took off my boots, screwed in my Goat Head Sole Spikes and was ready to go when the shot gun went off. Great System! If I didn't have them I would have been screwed. Thanks for keeping me upright so I could catch some fish![/quote] We are so glad we could be there to get your back Tim! Also, I recommend checking out Tim's project iGuidePro a cool app for iPhone and Android where pro guides offer tips for success on specific bodies of water.  It is work a look.

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