Fly Fishing Review: Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

[caption id="attachment_1868" align="alignright" width="250"]Montana Fly Fishing Magazine - Winter 2012 Montana Fly Fishing Magazine - Winter 2012[/caption] It's always nice to wake up on a snowy Saturday, browse your email in bed and find that the latest issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine has been delivered.  It's doubly nice when that issue contains a surprise review of Goat Head Sole Spikes. If you haven't seen this online magazine yet, you really need to do so.  The magazine is chock full of beautiful photos that even a non-angler can appreciate.  The articles are top notch and what's more it is edited by our friend and customer Ehren Wells, one of our earliest customers. Which brings us to the Sole Spikes review.  Ehren recounts an icy steelheading trip where his Sole Spikes kept him from slipping while wading, but also while walking the icy river banks. [quote style="boxed"]There aren't many products that I endorse wholeheartedly of my own free will, but Sole Spikes are definitely an exception for me.[/quote] We're glad we could help keep you dry and standing upright.  Thanks for the great review.  To read the full review go to this link and find us on page 111. Montana Fly Fishing Magazine

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