One Year On

Sole Spikes Combo Pack It's been quite a year for us at Goat Head Gear! One year ago today we opened for business selling our Sole Spikes. Looking back on this year we are do pleased by the many loyal friends, customers, and retailers. We are so thankful for the many great reviews as well as great emails and feedback from customers. We look forward to year two with great anticipation. There are many relationships to forge and new ideas for products that we will develop over the course of 2013. We are pleased with the numbers of shops carrying our product and are confident that this number will grow in the coming months and you should start seeing more available in your local shops. Mostly we look forward to getting to know our customers better and growing the angry goat fan base. We also will be introducing you to Team Goat Head: a group of athletes and outdoors people who have adopted Sole Spikes into their beloved pastimes. We think you'll enjoy getting to know them and the many ways they contribute to their sports. We hope to have your support to help us grow and that you will share our products with your friends and family. Cheers to a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year for all!

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