Fly Fishing Review: Headhunters Fly Shop Digs Sole Spikes (updated)

Headhunters Fly Shop - Missouri River UPDATE: Somehow I forgot to post the link to the original review. Duh.  Link is at the bottom. Headhunters Fly Shop is one of the nation's premier fly shops.  Located in Craig, Montana they are the Masters of the Missouri River and have developed quite a following on the internet for their great photography and just plain good times.  When we were just starting out sales early last year, I had hoped that we could get our Sole Spikes in there, because I was told by Cameron Mortenson from The Fiberglass Manifesto that they are very discriminating about what they bring into the shop and they choose only the premier products in their various categories.  So with that as my measuring stick I set about making contact with them. It took a while to get them some samples but they got a chance to use them on a trip to the Deschutes River last summer and had a great time not falling in the river.  That experience led them to be one of our first two retail shops and led me to do a little victory dance outside of the Reno Convention Center when I got the phone call while at IFTD. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Sole Spikes in Felt Soles Sole Spikes in Felt Soles[/caption] They have since given Sole Spikes the pounding they deserve and have come out with a very glowing review on their blog.  It is a two part review.  The first from their customer, Bob Glassen, who has come to appreciate Sole Spikes for their long life and low price.  Says Bob: [quote style="boxed"]I have about 20 river days on them now and that’s a lot of wear because I’m walking, not riding in a boat. None of the studs have backed out and been lost. They are still very sharp and provide great traction on algae-slick rock. [/quote] The second part of the review comes from Squeaky (aka Mark Raisler, co-owner of the shop).  His review is just as solid: [quote style="boxed"]These are considerably better than Simms. The wear is consistently better too. Seems like they have hardly worn at all after 25+ days of use...The staff agrees and is totally behind this product. A unanimous and resounding, YES, for the Goat Head Sole Spikes![/quote] Read the full review here. One of my goals this summer is to get up to Craig so that I can partake in one of their legendary weekend BBQs. Get yourself some Sole Spikes and please, whenever possible, support your local shops first.  We now have over 20 locations in the US and growing nearly every week.  

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