Another Happy Customer

We are always thrilled when we hear from our customers, especially when they are as happy as Ed.  I just got this email today which he graciously offered to let us post.  Thanks Ed!

I have been using Goat Head Spikes for a week now. As of this writing they have about 30 hours on them. I installed them in a pair of felt soled wading shoes that had previously been rigged with a set of wading sandals that were configured with spikes. Without spikes these boots simply did not provide the traction I needed for the rivers I fish. Although the sandals worked they were cumbersome and uncomfortable, especially on hard surfaces. I installed the Goat Head Spikes in a few minutes – they went in just as advertised. I have used them in heavy water in rivers with a hard, polished rock stream bed and in streams with a bed of moss covered rocks and boulders. The boots now give me the traction and safety I need, with all the comfort of a regular felt sole. I would recommend Goat Head Spikes to anyone who owns a pair of waders, hip boots or wading shoes. They are as essential a wading accessory as a wading staff or polarized sun glasses.

Ed Cartier Author of Breakfast by Moonlight, published by the Rowland Ward Society


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