Fly Fishing Review: Field & Stream, enough said

[caption id="attachment_2208" align="alignright" width="300"]Sole Spikes in Field and Stream Sole Spikes in Field and Stream[/caption] As a lifelong outdoorsman, there are fewer iconic names to me than Field & Stream. The magazine is an institution among outdoorsmen and those patiently waiting at barber shops and dentist and doctor offices across the country. When we got an email from editor Joe Cermele asking if they could do a review, I couldn't believe it. I was so honored and honestly this is one of those moments as a small business owner when you feel like the sacrifice is worth it and starting to pay off. Even his asking was satisfaction enough. When we first spoke he said it would likely be online only review, which to me would be awesome. However, after he had a chance to use them a few times, I got the email I really couldn't believe; he had found a sidebar in print for our review in the May 2013 issue. Here is the text from the print review (page 22): [quote]Goat Head Spikes from Sole Spikes have saved my hide on some seriously snot-slick rivers. - A Spike To Like - Joe Cermele[/quote] The online review is a much more in depth treatment as he offers a bit of a round up of the competition and names Sole Spikes as the victor. Here is a great quote from it: [quote]Goat Heads, which I've been wearing since the early winter, are, thus far, holding up better than any other spikes I've worn...they really stick, having passed my stand-on-a-flat-rock-and-pirouette test many times.[/quote] For the entire review go here: - The Lateral Line - Fishing Gear Review: Goat Head Sole Spikes

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