Redington unveils new boots for 2014

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="270"]The Men’s Elite Prowler by Redington The Men’s Elite Prowler by Redington[/caption] Redington unveiled their new line of waders and wading boots today in this press release.  There are 3 new boots for men, a new boot for women, and also a boot for youth.  Here are some of the features these new puppies boast:
  • Expanded sole width for added stability
  • Heavy-duty, non-corrosive speed laces and eyelets make getting the boots on and off quickly a breeze
  • Five-colored lace options allow anglers to customize their boots
  • Dense-weave, high-count nylon adds durability
  • Internal molded heel and toe counters
  • EVA midsole insert provide rigidity for all-day comfort
  • And our personal favorite feature, Sole Spike compatible
There are some other features depending on the boot model. We are so stoked to see these boots and zip some Sole Spikes in person this week at IFTD.

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