Fly Fishing Review: A great testimonial

Fly Fishing FrenzyOur friends from Fly Fishing Frenzy posted a great testimonial from a friend they introduced to Sole Spikes.  Here is a great quote from it but by all means please click over and read the whole thing. [quote style="boxed"]As I was walking out of the river at days end I fell anyway and ended up going home soaked. I lost at least $200 worth of flies not to mention all of my pride and could have easily lost or broken my rod or worse filled them up and drowned...I have since installed them and I can keep up with anybody on the river. I feel confident and steady on my feet. They are super easy to install and come with their own wrench. For the price of the spikes its a no brainer to get them screwed into your soles. Its a lot cheaper than your pride, flies, and life.[/quote] If you haven't checked out Sole Spikes for yourself, you don't know what your missing...well maybe you do.  Thanks for the support Chubbs, Brent, and Jason!

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