Sole Spikes give shooter the edge

We really love getting feedback from our awesome customers.  We especially love it when we here such awesome tales about uses for Sole Spikes we didn't consider.  One of our customers, Jake is a competitive shooter and he recently found himself in a muddy, rainy competition and says his Sole Spikes gave him the edge he needed.  He sent us this message on Facebook and gave us permission to repost it here:

I just want to thank each and everyone associated with Goat Head for their time and effort they put into their products. Thanks to your Sole Spikes I was able to put a top 5 score up for my last 3 gun match. With all the rain that we have had in East Tennessee for the past two months I was the only one in the field to be able to run as fast as I could normally with out a fear of slipping. Now if Sole Spikes could only help my firearms function as well as my feet in adverse conditions I might have placed higher! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

You're welcome Jake! Here's to many more successful outings!

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