Psycho Chenille now available from Goat Head Gear

[caption id="attachment_2434" align="alignright" width="300"]Psycho Chenille Psycho Chenille comes in Gold/Tan, Gold/Black, and Gold/Silver color combinations.[/caption] I recently discovered a great material for creating streamers that I call Psycho Chenille.  It is a holographic palmering chenille with tread lashing that can be used in place of a hackle on streamers when you want a dramatic flash effect.  Psycho Chenille comes in 3 different colors including gold/tan, gold/black, and silver/white.  All of the flavors have proven effective for taking big trout and I'm certain that they will be awesome for warm and salt water species.  I started by tying a streamer that I call the Psycho Bugger, which is basically a wooly bugger tied with Psycho Chenille body and a marabou tail in the color of your choosing.  You can see an example to the right. [caption id="attachment_2432" align="alignleft" width="225"]Psycho Buggers Psycho Buggers drive fish wild![/caption] You can get Psycho on your flies by picking up your favorite flavors through our shop. Each bag of Psycho Chenille comes with 2 yards of material and the cost is just $3.95 per unit. Get yours today! Shop for Psycho Chenille!

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