Sole Spikes Help Runner Qualify for Boston Marathon

Anthony is a dedicated runner!

We just got an awesome email from one of our customers in Nova Scotia, Anthony Fromm.  Last summer, Anthony won a set of Sole Spikes from an ultramarathon we helped sponsor up his neck of the woods.  Once he tried them, he loved them and he not only got his local running club, the Amhearst Striders, in on a big group order and then helped convince a local retailer, Dayle's Maritimes, to carry Sole Spikes as well.  Needless to say, we think the world of Anthony.  Check out his testimonial about how Sole Spikes allowed him to train throughout the winter which made it possible for him to qualify for the Boston Marathon last weekend.

A winter to remember!!! Here in Nova Scotia, Canada we just had one of the roughest winters in the last 20. If it wasn’t -10F, it was feet of snow, or it was roads covered in thick ice. It was the perfect winter to sit by the fire and hide from the storms, but I had committed myself to a spring marathon in May so this guy who refuses to use a treadmill had to hit the streets! I had won a set of Goat Head Sole Spikes at an ultramarathon over the summer so I figured I might as well give them a try. I knew right away that these were going to work and way better than anything I had tried before. So braving the cold I ran, with confidence!

So last weekend was the marathon. I knew that after a strong winter that a Boston marathon time would be well within reach (after only missing it by 46 seconds in the fall) I set out at a good pace and with all the strong winter training I felt great and was able to notch it up during the second half… My final time was 2:58:15, easily qualifying for Boston in 2015. Thank-you Goat Heads!

Congratulations Anthony! We are glad we could help, but it is your determination to brave those elements that got you there!

Anthony enjoying the fruits of his labors 

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