Fishing Wading

Sole Spikes are Cold, Hard, Steel

Which Sole Spikes do I need for wading?

1/2 Inch Sole Spikes

If you wear standard fixed sole wading boots, boot foot waders, or other footwear with a good think sole, you will want to purchase our 1/2 inch Sole Spikes for extra staying power in your footwear. Sole Spikes work great in felt or rubber soles!

3/8 Inch Sole Spikes

If you wear sandals, light soled shoes like sneakers, or convertible sole boots like Korkers you will want to purchase our 3/8 inch Sole Spikes.

Take Your Goats Fishing!

Standing waist-deep in a frigid, high mountain river on a brisk winter's day, it's hard to imagine a group of outdoorsmen who value sure footing more than fly fishermen. In such conditions one misstep can spell disaster at worst and a very cold, soggy walk back to the car at best. Give your self an edge with Goat Head Sole Spikes™. Sole Spikes give you the added bite you need anytime of the year to penetrate slick algae and rocky bottoms common in most rivers.

Wading Shoes

As you are undoubtedly aware, wading shoes have become the source of controversy in recent years. Many fisheries managers blame the use of felt-soled boots and poor cleaning efforts of anglers for the widespread introduction of disease and invasive species to some of the world's most prized fishing waters. As a result many states are moving to outlaw the use of felt soles. These factors have prompted most wading shoe manufactures to offer rubberized soles on the boots and in some cases completely stop production of felt soles. Many anglers report that the newer sole designs don't provide the traction to which they have grown accustomed with felt. When inserted into your boot or wading sandal soles, Sole Spikes™ make a marked improvement in your traction and wading confidence.  Sole Spikes™ work equally well in felt soled waders as they do in rubber soles.

"The answer is Goat Head Sole Spikes. Back in the old days, we all screwed pan head sheet metal screws into the bottom of our boots to convert them into spiked soles. Goat Head Sole Spikes take that idea to a whole new level." Gary Borger

"Had the Sole Spikes not been on that boot, I have no doubt that the rush of water would have pulled me into the flow and deposited me into the 8 ft. deep pool waiting below me." Owl Jones

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