Goat Head Gear

Goat Head Gear is located on the foothills of Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountains. With a location like this, how can we help but be inspired by nature. Our name and product design is derived from a couple of sources:
  • Our Sole Spikes™ brand shoe screws have a gnarly, 'spikey' design like those tenacious and nasty thorns, commonly called goat heads, that stick in your shoes and bike tires.
  • We admire the outstanding traction that our foothill friends the Rocky Mountain Goat enjoy as they scamper around on the sheer and often slick slopes of our local canyons.
  • Our four-way split head design mimics the hoof shape of one of nature's great rock hopping artists, the South African klipspringer, which name means literally "rock jumper". Their hooves have a four-way split nail that provides 10-times more traction than common animal hooves.

We are dedicated to supplying high quality products for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Read what people who are using Sole Spikes have to say about our product. Check out our reviews.