Ice Fishing

Sole Spikes are ideal traction for ice fishing

Which Sole Spikes do I need for ice fishing?

1/2 Inch Sole Spikes

Stop slipping around when you are ice fishing, get Sole SpikesLike most anglers who ice fish you likely wear a heavy duty insulated boot. For boots with such heavy soles, you will want to use 1/2 inch Sole Spikes. This length of Sole Spike will hold firmly in your boot.

3/8 Inch Sole Spikes

If for some reason you choose to wear lighter weight shoes such as sneakers, you will want our shorter 3/8 inch length Sole Spikes.


Ice Fishing

No one likes slipping and falling into standing water, but for ice fishermen, that is a common occurrence.  Sole Spikes™ can help you stay on your feet, which in turn helps you stay warm and dry.  Insert sole spikes into your snow or work boots when walking on the ice and you will be able make slipping around a thing of the past.  Now you can focus on what you intended to do, catch fish.  Walk confidently to your favorite spot and when you get up to tend to your rods.  Sole Spikes will help keep you safe out there, just make sure the ice is strong.