Product Use and Disclaimer

Using your Goat Head Sole Spikes™

Here are  a few of tips for safely enjoying your Sole Spikes:
  • Avoid wearing Sole Spikes indoors--they'll rapidly "distress" your hardwood floors or cause you to scratch and slide on your tile floors.
  • While you can wear them on man-made surfaces such as bare concrete and asphalt, you'll extend the life of you spikes by putting most of your miles in on snow covered streets and paths, trails, river beds and other natural surfaces. Smooth finish concrete can be extremely slippery for Sole Spikes.
  • Be careful out there.  Goat Head Sole Spikes™ are designed to give you extra traction on challenging terrain like snowy, icy and tricky trails, or slippery river bottoms, but they do not eliminate the inherent dangers of running, walking, or even standing on any kind of surface. Those inherent dangers might even be part of the reason you like to be out there in the first place. Goat Head Gear is not liable for any injury, loss or consequential damage resulting from the installation, wearing, or other use of our product.
Sole Spikes are ideal for sand stone hiking