Trail running demands solid traction - Sole Spikes

Which Sole Spikes do I need for running?

3/8 Inch Sole Spikes

We recommend our 3/8 inch Sole Spikes for trail and winter running as well as for all-season fitness walking. They also can be used in minimalist shoes and sandals with careful placement. Sole Spikes hold best in denser sole materials such as high carbon rubber. Sole Spikes will work with softer out sole compounds but you may find a dab of glue will help them stay better. Sole Spikes are for outdoor use only and may be slippery on man-made, sealed surfaces.

Trail Running

Trail runners see the benefits of Sole Spikes™ on both snow packed trails and clear trails. Add efficiency and power to your climbs and confidence in your descents with the added traction. Because Sole Spikes are attached directly to your shoe sole, they won’t slip and slide around on your shoe, snag on brush and rocks, or become uncomfortable and heavy feeling on long runs.  You’ll stay nimble and sure-footed–just like a mountain goat. Plus, your can restore traction to high mileage soles and extend the life of new soles.Sole Spikes by Goat Head Gear are perfect for winter running

Snow Packed Road Running

Get off the treadmill and stay on your training schedule even when your favorite routes are snow-packed and treacherous. More and more runners are discovering the benefits of a pair of “screw shoes” for winter conditions. Sometimes a secondary pair, or even your main running shoes, are studded with Sole Spikes™ and ready to go when conditions demand. These tough, cold forged and hardened steel spikes will let you run confidently without sacrificing the feel and agility of your favorite shoe.

Ultra light and minimalist shoes

Sole Spikes™ engage the shoe sole with a 3/8 inch screw tip. For most running shoes this is the ideal length–long enough to securely stay in place and short enough to not poke through the sole. If you’re running in very thin soled ultra lights you may want to save Sole Spikes™ for your heavier shoes.